New for 2021 / 2022 School Year - Social Distance Training. 

Phase 1 - Complete No Contact Training. Students train 2m apart, covering Martial Warrior Exercises that will include Meditation, Breathing. Martial Forms and Drills. and Fitness

Phase 2 - Limited Contact Classes - Training will include all of Phase 1, but with Kali (Filipino Fencing) Training Drills which can be done at a distance where there be no Body to Body Physical Contact.

If required, at any time, we can move to any of these two Phases during the Course to fit in with Regulations.

Guru Liam is available for Transitional Year School Courses, throughout the school Year in all Areas of Dublin and surrounding Counties. Guru Liam has been teaching Transitional Year Students since 2001 and it has proven to be a very popular course amoung the Students in their TY Year and addition to their end of year portfolio. 

Some of the Schools, where we have run our Certified Silat Self Defence Classes.                  Belvedere College ~ Clongowes Wood College ~ Wesley College~ Celbridge Community College ~Jesus and Mary College Goatstown ~ Castleknock Community College ~ St. Benildus Stillorgen ~  Maryfield College  Drumcondra ~ St. Mary's College, Baldoyle ~ Blackrock College ~ Piper Hill College Naas ~ New Cross College, Finglas ~ Dominican College Drumcrondra ~St. Joesph of Cluny, Kiliney ~ Kilian's  German School, Roebuck ~ Killinarden Community College, Tallaght ~ Colaiste de Hide, Tallaght.

Transitional Year Silat Self Defence Course                                                                                                                            The emphasis of this course is not to teach students how to fight, but, instead to give good practical and realistic training and advice on what a student can do to protect themselves, if they were to become a victim of crime. This is done by Firstly by teaching Awareness & Prevention to avoid attacks happening in first place. Secondly learning How to Escape and, learning the basic Self Defence Techniques, for most common form of attacks.                                                       

We also cover the emotional and practical realities of dealing with the aftermath of an attack.

At the end of each class we offer the students an opportunity for Questions and Answers, so we then can tailor the direction of the course to the needs of the students.

To help deal with the physical aspects, all students will get a cardio workout usually a mix of Pad Work, Stretching, Self Defence Drills, Breathing Exercises and Yoga Postures. The degree of cardio workout can be increased or decreased to fit in with the wishes of the class teacher.

This course can be divided into either 4, 6 or 8 weeks or longer programmes if required. The course can be personally tailored to an All Boy or All Girl Class or a Mixed Class and each lesson can be worked within the time limitations for each class, at each school.

Overview of the Core Subjects Covered                                                                                 - Self Defence Training, covering the 20 Most Common Attacks. - How to reduce, your chances of being a victim (from using the internet, ordering a taxi, to what side of the street you walk on, to the clothes you wear, to how you use your mobile etc.. these and others modern day aspects, can increase or decrease your chances of being a victim. - Basic Punches, Kicks and how to escape from common Grabs and Locks. - How to defend yourself, if you are Pushed to the Ground. - How to defend against a Knife Attack - Rape Defence, including how to stop aggressive Sexual Advances and Dealing with Aftermath. - Dealing with violence and anger - 6 step Plan. - What to do after an Attack. - Awareness and Prevention


Class Plans.

Warm up Exercises and Stretches / Cardiovascular Exercises using Pad Work / Demonstration of Techniques / Students Develop and Learn Technical and Practical Skills in Pairs / Cool Down and Breathing Exercises / Summary of Class Taught / Questions and Answers.


All Transitional Students who complete the Course will get a Certificate which is a great addition to the T.Y. Portfolio.

Virtual online Self Defence Training for Schools

Virtual Self Defence Course for T.Y. Students.


Students now can learn, the basics of Self Defence Training, and, Awareness, through this Virtual Self Defence Course. Guru Liam McDonald, has been training in Martial Arts, and, Self Defence for the past 36 Years, and, for the past 22 Years has being teaching thousands of T.Y. Students in Schools across Dublin, Wicklow, and, Kildare. Now, this Knowledge and Courses have been repackage into  Virtual Online Courses, done through Zoom, so, Students in any School can learn directly in their own Sports Hall / Classroom.


The Course is taught over 4 Lessons of 45 to 50 mins. Over the 4 Lessons, students will work on their own development following the exercises and training, and, at times with a designated partner. Students will learn the basic most common Self Defence Techniques. They will also experience Silat Martial Arts Forms from Indonesia / Malaysia that will develop Power and Fluidity in the Body. Internal and Meditation Exercises to help them focus, and to de-stress. These WARRIOR Forms unite Mind, Body, and Spirit. Students will learn Awareness and Understanding of the different Options Available for their Personal Self Defence, how Fear and Adrenaline effects their ability to defend themselves. How to de-escalate an aggressive situation. They will gain awareness of what a Mugger is looking for, and how to deal with that situation, along with the realistic evaluation of themselves and their personal goods. Students learn how to use footwork to get their body to move correctly, and, to avoid being assaulted/hit and to escape.  Students learn the weak, and, vital parts of the attacker’s body, and, how to use these areas to stop the attacker, and what parts of their own body are most effective to use. The type of attacks that are most com, and, not be Singled Out as a victim. So the Students learn what attackers are looking for, and, How they Choose a Victim.


The course is taught in an Interactive Open Friendly and Engaging Manner. The aim is for the Student to Gain Experience, and, Life Long Skills, and, what to do if they ever face Aggression, Violence, or Crime. At end of each class, students will get the opportunity to ask questions. If students have areas of concern about self-defence, that they wish me to cover, or go into more depth, I can also do that.

Students who complete the course will get a Diploma Certificate, which will be signed by myself. The Certificates will be posted out to your school. These can be presented to Students by the Teacher, or be part of a TY Portfolio. The Course can be personalised to fit into any school timetable as required.

Email or Call/Text Liam 087 9956569 to book a tailor design Virtual Self Defence Program for your School.