Indoor Classes Return from 20th Sept 2021 - Silat Kali 365

After 18 Months indoor classes finally returns. It has been a journey to get through, but, we are all happy that not only will inside classes return, but, also all our training methods will be back fully. We have learnt from this experience, and, we will be keeping a high level of personal hygiene and safety to protect all our students, teachers, and their families. Our classes in Adamstown will start from Tuesday 21st  Sept (6pm Kids / 7pm Cadets and Adults) and on Wednesays 22nd Sept in Firhouse (6.45pm Kids / 7.45pm Cadets and Adults). Monday night starts from Monday 27th Sept 6.45pm to 7.45pm (Family Class - All Ages). 

A message from Guru Liam

Covid has changed many things. It has been a massive learning curve for me as a teacher. I had to adapt to a new way of thinking. I saw many students leave on first day that we had to close while other students completely rose to all the challenges of online, and, outdoor training.  A new normal has become the mantra.

Seeing all the work I put into 20 years of building an Association being ripped apart was very hard for me, and, at the same time, in early stages of the pandemic seeing my wife become very ill and nearly losing her and, helping her to recover. All of these realities has made me now as I am in my 50's re-address what I want to do with my club, where I want it to go, and how I want to teach. My goal is to help students develop to their true potential. I'm not going back to the same number of students I had before I had to close at the start of the lock down. I now work full time in teaching in Secondary Schools, so my time in the evenings and weekends is precious to me and my family. Covid has brought in online learning, and has meant that I can teach students who live to far away to make a regular class, and, now I am able to teach students who live in Europe, America, and, Austraila, at the same time I teach my own class students. With the students who remain, many have asked to go back to my roots and have a harder more dedicated martial arts training, which I am going to do. This doesn't mean it's not going to be still fun or exciting, but, the classes will move away from being used as a Kung Fu creche / drop in, where kids come to class, with no interest in training hard or practising. Martial Arts if trained properly can offer more than any other Art or Sport in developing life long skills that help people in School, Work, and, Relationships with others, and, each individual develops good Physical and Mental Awareness.

Class and Grading Structure for Silat-Kali 365

So from 1st Oct Silat-Kali 365 will be our new training method. It will be a hybrid system of class and online training. It will mean that any student, will have access to training at anytime of the day or night (24/7) and 365 days a year. If you miss class you can catch up online. If you find a technique to hard in class, you can catch up online, and, practice untill you get it. During September you will see more and more of Silat Kali 365 coming into the classes untill it is fully intergrated by 1st October. Below is a brief overview.

1) Silat Kali 365 Syllabus from White Belt to 2nd Black Belt will be available online to purchase by 14th Sept. This will be your Roadmap for your Silat Training and Belt Developement. Each Level is clearly marked out for you to understand what you are required to know.

2) All students can have access through the Premium Training Package to the two Zoom Classes each month. These will be held every fortnight on a Saturday morning at 10.30am. These Zoom Classes will cover two week's work, and I will give a home practising training schedule of Week 1 and Week 2. This will be what we currently are working on in class, along with more detail and some extra material that will help your development in training.

3) All Students on the Premium Package will have access to Zoom Class recordings. If you can't make the Zoom class, you can still access the recording for 31 Days. This access is unlimited during the 31 days and you can access and watch on most screens and mobile devices. The Links for the Zoom and Recordings will be on a dedicated Whatsapp link, which will have the comments disabled so you won't get any messages except for the links.

4) Students will have access to purchase online courses on the grading stucture. Each course, will be broken down into seperate lessons. One lesson for each technique. Once you purchase the online course you will have continuious access to it. So you can always go back to it. These courses are designed so you know all the techniques and will help you to successfully pass the gradings.

5) From 1st Oct training term fees will be paid as follows. New Students after their Intro Month Trial, if they wish to join the club will pay a deposit of one Months Training plus Current Month. For example €50 Deposit + €50 Current Month so in total €100. For family this would be €75 + €75 = €150. After this you paid at start of each month for thats months training. If you wish to leave the classes you simply give a Months notice and work off your deposit (No further payment required).

As training is now available to train 365 days a year, your membership and grading progression of the club is continious. That means payment is made monthly, and there are no exceptions. If you can not attend evening classes you can move to online classes. If you wish to cancel your membership, then return at a later date to class, you can train in the classes on your return, but you will not be able to Grade for a minimum of 6 months (12 months if going for an Instructor Grade).

6) Training fees from 1st Oct BASIC Training Package is €80 for 2 month for 1 Student / €120 family price for 2 Months ( 2- 3 Students - Only Brothers / Sisters / Parents, no extended family). This fee covers one Evening Class per week. PREMIUM Package is €100 for 2 Months for 1 Student and €150 for families Groups  for 2 Months. You get Unlimited evening classes in any venue, plus 2 Zoom Classes a month and access to zoom Class recordings for 31 days, so you can train at home anytime you like.

7) New Students can avail off an Intro Month, before joining the Club. No Uniform or Equipment needed, just pay your Training fee and Train.

8) Students will be register to one evening class a week, additional weekly classes can be attended, if there is training space. Check with teacher before attending extra classes.



Latest Training Video

Online Silat Kali Training Available

If you live to far away to attend a regular class, you can still learn Silat Kali from any where in the World. Guru Liam will be teaching a fortnightly Silat Kali Class, following whats happening in the evening classes and the grading progression. These classes will be at 10.30am on a Saturday morning and if you cant make the live class you can access the class recordings for 31 days. Each Zoom class will cover two weeks training and a home training assignment will be given to help you practice at home. There are 3 Online Options.

1. €10 Pay per Class and get 31 Days access to recordings.

2. €16 Pay Monthly and get access to fortnightly Silat Kali Class and access to class recordings for 31 Days.

3. €25 Pay Monthly and get access to fortnightly Silat Kali Class, access to class recordings for 31 Days. You can send in a video clip of your home assignment in each fortnight and you will get feedback. Video clips to be sent through Whatsapp.

If you chooses Option 2 or 3 you will have access to a specfic Whatsapp Training Group dedicated to Online Training. There is no Sharing off links to anyone out close family members. Anyone caught sharing links without permission will have their online training terminated immediately.

Re-opening Classes - Covid-19 Safety Guidelines

We are looking forward to reopening our evening classes. We will be working within the guidelines given to us by the Government and Health Services for the safety of our Students. This will result in a few changes to how the classes will run. The following guidelines form the major changes.

1. There will be no sharing of personal training equipment. Students need to bring their own training equipment to class. This will be Gloves, Focus Pads and Pair of Training Sticks. In the Cadet and Adult Classes, students will also need their own training Knife.

2. Students must wear gloves when hitting focus pads. No Gloves = No Padwork.

3. Students will get only one Training Partner per night, during drills that required a partner. You will train with a different partner in different weeks. 

4. All Clothing and Equipment must be stored in your own sports bags when not in use.

5. Class numbers will be limited to fit in with current social distance requirements.

6. Training will comply with Current Social Distance requirements and guidelines.

7. Students must Sanitise their hands on entering and leaving the Center.

8. Bathroom breaks during class should be for emergency only, and, students must sanitise their hands on rejoining the class.

9. There will be a new format for signing Membership Books.

10. Payment can be made by Cash (Place money in envelope with your name of the envelop) and this will be collected at start of class, or you can pay online at www.PayPal.Me/guruliam of click the Online store at top of page.

11. Personal Hygiene in class is required. If you sweat a lot you need a towel. All students should have their own Sanitiser and Face Covering and if required wear them during the parts of class that are close contact.

12. If you feel unwell, or have any Covid symptoms you need to stay at home. Contactless temperature checks may be took on any children which are displaying symptoms.

All theses guidelines, just follow basic hygiene and common sense. Students will learn to develop in Martial Abilities and Fitness. Our goal is to have a safe training environment, where all our students have a place for phyical and mental wellbeing through Martial Exercises.

Kali Single Stick Online: Certified Course

Learn the basics of Kali Single Stick with this online course covering the stick forms 1 to 10, striking angles and footwork. Idea for home study and self development. Copy this link to access course.

Indonesian Silat Training Camp 22nd - 24th June Dublin.

Children Classes 2020

Book today to secure your place

Silat Kali Self Defence Classes - Kids

A Unique Unlimited Combat Martial Arts Self Defence System, from S.E.Asia that's Explosive - Exciting - Instantly Effective and Easy to Learn. Guru Liam has 35 Years of Experience and was founder and first person to teach Silat in Ireland. Guru Liam is qualified in both Malay and Indonesian Silat and Filipino Kali. In 2015 he was awarded the title "Pendekar" by Guru Jak Othman and Harimau Berantai Family. One of the highest title that can be awarded and first Irish person to received it. Guru Liam was enroll in The UK Martial Arts Hall of Fame for his work in The South East Asian Martial Arts.

Training covers Defences against the most common Street Attacks, Ground Work, Grappling, Striking, Blade and Stick Defences, Multiple Attack Defences and Personal Awareness.

Classes are fun and are suitable for all ages and levels and Fitness. It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or an Experience Martial Artist, you will benefit from the training.

So take the first step. Try out a Intro Course Today by phoning Guru Liam 087 9956569 or email or visit us at 

Silat Kali Self Defence Classes Teenagers / Adults

Come join our classes in Dublin (Firhouse and Lucan) beginners of ages always welcome.

May. 26, 2020

Hi Everyone. This Saturday will be the last class on the current Zoom Course. Due to the success of that course, we will be running another Zoom Course starting Sat 6th June at 11.30am. Each class runs for approx 30 to 40 minutes. I will be teaching during this course - The Fighting applications of the Monyet Decoys 1 to 7, Jurus 15 - 18 and their applications, Elbow Shielding, Monyet Footwork, Ripper, Open Hands and Closed Fist Parries, plus a few surprises. This course will is open to Martial Artist from outside our club and in other countries, so places will be booked out quick, so don't miss out. I will like the last time, send out a free video lesson to each student on the program, after the class covering the most important aspects of that days lesson.. Payment can be made to www.PayPal.Me/guruliam

Apr. 14, 2020

New article on The Principles of the Jurus

Apr. 2, 2020

Jurus Article

New Article on understanding the Pukulan Cimande Jurus and their applications. Just click the More Link above and click Blogs Posts

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