Student’s Code of Conduct

To maintain a positive and respectful Martial Arts environment, we request students to follow these guidelines.

●Turn up on time for class. 

●Enter class with energy and demonstrate your enthusiasm for learning. 

●Wear your uniform in class, and, with patches in correct places. Grade Belts must be worn at all times, during class, and, be tied correctly. 

●Remove all Jewellery before class. 

●Present your Membership Book to be signed at the Start of class

●Practise good personal hygiene, keep your body and uniform clean, and, free of odours. Use

  deodorant if necessary. Bring a towel to wipe sweat. 

●Always be well mannered, respectful, and, courteous towards fellow students and teachers. 

●Always show your best attention, give your teachers, positive responses to questions. 

●Steady and consistent attendance is essential to progress. If possible notify your teacher if you be absent from class. 

●When your teacher is teaching, you listen. There are to be no side line classes, interruptions, or, discussions. Stop what you are doing, to follow his/her instructions. 

●All Students must have their own Basic Personal Training Equipment within a month of joining USKI. During student progression, other equipment may be required. 

●Please mark all your personal belongings with your name. 

●All class tuition fees must be paid at the start of each term. Students will not be able to access class  without payment in full. Payment can be made in class, or online www.PayPal.Me/guruliam 

●Lapsed Term Payment, will result in cancellation of club membership, and any classes earned   towards a grade. Student re-admission to the club will be only at the Chief Instructor’s discretion. 

●Students can only access the Belt Testing Days (Gradings) when they complete the minimum   number of classes, and have the Chief Instructor’s permission.

                      Beginners Grades - (Yellow / Orange) 15 Classes

                      Intermediate Grades (Red / Green/ Blue) 20 Classes

                      Advance Grades (Purple / Brown) 30 Classes

                      Instructor Grade (Black) – 60 Training Classes + 15 Assistant Teaching Classes. 

●Students who become teachers must informed USKI if they wish to open a class, and these classes will run on a partnership with USKI. 

●Any Student who fails to comply with the above, or shows no good will to the Students Code of Conduct will have their membership of USKI terminated. 

USKI Mission

●To promote the Cultural, Traditions, and, Martial aspects of the South East Asian Martials Arts.

●To create an environment of learning covering the Physical, Internal, and, Meditational aspects of  South East Asian Arts, which is open to all ages, gender, race and abilities.

●To help students learn how to defend themselves, promote fitness, and, wellbeing.

●To bring people together in an environment where learning is fun, as part of the local community, and promoting the Martial Code of Family, Loyalty, and, Respect.

●To promote direct lineage and teaching from the Masters in South East Asia.


Guru Liam McDonald - Qualification

Chief Instructor of Urban Silat Kali Silat, with over 35 Years of teaching experience.

Guru Besar (Master Degree) in Indonesian Silat.

Pendekar (Master Degree) in Malaysian Silat.

Guro (Instructor) in Filipino Eskrima.

Former International Kali Team Coach (Northern Ireland).

European Bronze Kali Medallist and Trainer of 3 European Kali Champions.

Event organiser and hosts to Ireland of Internationals Teachers and Festivals.


Training Fees - 2 Month Term 

1 Child / Cadet                   €80

2 Children / Cadets          €120

1 Adult                                 €95

Family                                 €140    (Unlimited Family – Parents / Siblings) *


* Family deal does not include extended family members.

●Term Dates 1st Sept, 1st Nov, 1st Jan, 1st Mar, 1st May, 1st July

● Training Fees covers a Two Month Term of unlimited evening classes in any venue.

● Monthly payments can be arrange, but only by direct debit through PayPal. Monthly payments  requires a month deposit at the start, and, an additional €3 per month to cover PayPal charges.  Monthly payments will not be accepted in class.

● Payment must be made at start of term before any training commences.

●There are no Term discount prices for missed weeks, as there are on average 10 classes a month to choose from. Students are responsible for their own class attendance.

 14 Days Cancellation of place before start of next term must be given, otherwise full payment of term is due.

How to Pay

1) By Cash or Cheque in class. (Cheques made payable to “Liam McDonald”).

2) Online at www.PayPal.Me/guruliam  (Just type in amount you want to pay).

3) Website, just click “Online Store” on our club website page.


Cadets and Adults students are expected to have their own gloves / bag mitts, 2 training knives (one rubber / one metal or plastic, two training sticks and their own focus pads. 

Uniforms and Equipment can be ordered through the club. Just inform the class teacher what you need. A full list of requirements and uniform will be on website: 

Contact Details: Guru Liam McDonald

Tel / Text 087 9956569